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Why choose an individual SEO when you could use an SEO company?
There are some good SEO companies out there, it's just a matter of making sure that they are reputable.
Typically SEO companies have a poor work structure. Most often these companies only have one, maybe two, experienced SEO specialists with a team of helpers. Chances are you have or will receive many emails from the same company but different "helpers". Consequently it's common that these helpers can't even communicate professionally via email because they are outsourced from non English speaking 3rd world countries.

Greater advantages can be found by having your own individual personal SEO specialist to market your site. The fact is, an individual SEO can afford to only concentrate on a few projects at a rate of 100%. However, a 10 man company may only have one person able to supply 100% expertise while the rest of the team may only be able to supply 20%. This typically will in turn dilute their overall SEO marketing quality to lower standards.
Overall quality of service with an individual SEO, as you may be able to imagine, tends to be better as well. You know exactly who is dealing with your site, while even the most organized companies tend to move sites around to their coworkers like ticking bombs.

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