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Search Engine Optimization.... Building Quality Link Relations
Building link popularity is a very important part of internet marketing. But most people fail to grasp all the aspects which are vital to "quality" link relations.

Screening the site that would be linking to you
It's good to be able to screen a site quickly before linking with it.
Things to take into consideration....

Is the site related?
Building link relations with internet sites that have nothing in common with yours isn't going to gain a great deal of pull.

Has the site built up good link relations with other sites? How well structured is the site's link relations with other sites?
Simply clicking "similar pages" within the Google tool bar will give you a good idea.
Google will show you about 30 other sites that should be of "similar" content to the site in question. If  Google brings back results that have little in common it's because the site has linked to non-related sites, which in turn loses relevance to whatever the site is suppose to marketing.

How often does Google visit? When did it last visit the page that your link would be added to?
If Google stops visiting a site that hasn't been penalized it's probably because the site has gone a little stale, this happens If its not really receiving any traffic, or there have been no changes made to the site.
With this in mind you have to ask yourself:
If Google doesn't visit often, when is Google or any other search engine going to see my link?

This isn't so typical for the homepage, but some link pages may not have been visited for months and may not be visited for months to come.

Google Page Rank
Page Rank is an obvious issue to consider when screening a site for a link relation.
If a site has a PR of 0 it is either new and has yet to establish PR with Google, or it has most likely been penalized by Google.
Building links that have good PR or appear to have great potential in gaining good PR, are really the only sites we need to concern ourselves with.
If your site has a PR 0 and you have no other resources, it can be a difficult and  very slow process building good search engine link relations. One way to get things rolling is the use of link auctions. We will get to that later.

Judging the site by the strength of its PR
It's good if you can judge a site by how it is related to yours. However, it's PR will help you realize how valuable the link in question is.

PR0 to PR 3 =  Easy to achieve

PR 4 to PR 5 =
Established a good PR. Could be considered high for a small, specialized web business, but low for a more mainstream web site.

Anything PR 6/7 = Well established, and has potential in offering very good links.

Obtaining links from PR 8 and higher is very challenging but extremely valuable.


Location Location Location...
Obviously getting a link on the strongest page of the site (typically the home page) is the best location. This can be difficult, but with a little negotiating anything can happen.

A few other factors to take in to consideration...

The closer the link page is to the strongest page, the better.

If the site or page is already full of links it will be considered less valuable by search engines.

If a page has a PR 0 it may be because it's new. This is a good location if it is linked properly from the homepage. Many link traders make the mistake of thinking a page is no good because it has yet to show PR. Just because Google hasn't updated it's PR it doesn't mean the page is only worth PR 0.


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