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I talked earlier about how many SEO companies out there aren't legitimate and can actually do more harm than good.
It really comes down to finding someone you can trust.. (Such as me! My cheap consulting prices can be found here.)

However other than me, who's is better than yourself? There are many strategies and tactics you can try, but it really comes down to applying the basics of SEO.
Quality links and quality content!

Quality Links
Finding contacts that will link to you when you have no page rank (PR) can be difficult. However you can always buy PR from link auctions. Attracting quality link partners will then be less of a challenge.
However, this will only take you so far.
Depending upon the keywords you're targeting, you will need to realistically weigh up the competition.

Quality Content
Original relative content can be key to out-ranking the big boys. Content is not only something that the search engine bots love to eat up. It's also something that should keep traffic on your site longer and keep them coming back. This scores good points with all the search engines.

Time, Money & What I Can Do For You

Whether your short on time or money, you may not be able to get your site ranked well solely by yourself.
I can help steer you in the direction that will not only educate you but put your site at the top for a fraction of the price!

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