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  Wouldn't it be refreshing if an SEO Company could take an upfront , honest, approach?
The internet is a knowledge base for virtually everything today, particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So when you are trying to find the best way to market and promote your website, do your research! There are many self-proclaimed companies out their promising the world's best search engine placement, but in many cases they are taking advantage of gullible consumers.
In many cases, if you're not careful you may end up investing your trust in a company that uses spam techniques.
When researching a company do a search for complaints (i.e. "the company" complaints/spam")
Make sure you read Google's Webmaster guide, as only the best SEO specialists will be able to comply 100%.

  The Search Engines
  Over the years search engine popularity has changed. Today the search engines to focus on are:
Google (about 60% of all searches)
  (about 25% of all searches)
 (about 12% of all searches).
These three search engines all have different algorithms, strategies and rules that determine where a site should be placed.
It's vital to have an extensive knowledge and understanding of search engines when performing internet marketing.
What To Consider When Promoting Your Site...
 Search Engines
Content :
Well optimized and informative content that is of valuable use to your audience.
Links :
It's essential to have good quality links to your site from other related sites.
Integrity :
Showing the search engines that your site values help to provide a better internet.
If you plan to market your business on the internet it's recommended that you have a website.
Contact me free for any questions you might have on marketing your online business.
  Web Site Design Development & Consulting
Standard Package $449 Includes:
  • Customized graphics
  • Hosting & domain setup
  • Customized header
  • Navigation bar
  • Search Engine Optimized
    Add Content writer specialist
     5 pages: $160
       Who Is the SEO Specialist? What Can He Do?
I could be your personal marketing SEO Specialist.
I have been building sites and creating online marketing plans for quality companies for the past 11 years...
Gavin SEO Expert
Over the past 11 years most of my income has been driven from promoting the most competitive search terms in the business such as, insurance, loans, debt, credit cards. Now that I live in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas I have created and run Many Vegas related web sites.

What with the drastic price increase of advertising on all major search engines and the decrease in quality affiliate programs, I am now offering my expertise to select projects. I offer SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advice and assistance.

SEO & SEM Marketing Consulting
If you need consulting on starting up, or marketing your online web business please contact me for more information.
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Search Engine Optimization Las Vegas Nevada
Although I have strong internet marketing resources to promote any type of site, my main target is Las Vegas related sites. This is because Las Vegas is now my home town and I would prefer to be close to my clients.

What Is My Biggest Inspiration To Promote Other Web Business?
After witnessing how SEO companies of all sizes can fail to maximize the value of clients' sites, I feel I can offer a committed, customized service that gets results.

Honesty Is My Policy

My main objective is to have a handful of clients who I can maximize results for. If for any reason I don't think I can do this for you, I will not accept your business.

For further info and a free quote contact:
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